Orders placed after the 17th of December will not be posted until January.

Orders placed after the 17th of December will not be posted until January.

Small Batches

We’ve chosen to craft all our products by hand so that the finished items will show the makers touch. We believe the imperfections in the natural weave of the linen and the hand-printing process adds warmth and character to the finished piece.

We are a small team here, just the two of us……and Elin the crazy cocker spaniel. Every item that leaves our workshop is made by us, from printing, cutting and sewing the fabric to packing and posting your orders.


In a world where mass production has become the norm, and low prices and profits take precedence over sustainability and ethics, we want to take a different approach. We choose our materials and processes responsibly, with care and respect for the world we live in, and those who live on it. By making products that last we want to encourage people to consider why and how they consume.

Our linen fabric is grown and woven in Europe. Natural linen will soften and age beautifully over time, it is also a highly durable fabric ensuring years of use.

All our fabrics are screen-printed by hand using Permaset inks. Our inks are solvent free, water-based and certified organic, they give a natural soft finish to the print that perfectly compliments the weave of our linen fabric.  


Our products are made and designed with quality and longevity in mind. The prints don’t follow seasonal fashion trends, we want to create timeless products that will fit in your home for years to come. 

Our designs are inspired by the landscape we live in, imperfect repetition in nature transformed into simple marks and gestures. Texture from the rugged mountains and the scars from the industrial history of the area. 

These ideas then develop over time in our sketchbooks. We always work collaboratively, developing marks and drawings into simple repeat patterns. Our drawings are then transferred on to film, before being exposed on to large screens ready for printing. 

We screen-print all our fabric on a four meter printing table, carefully aligning the repeats to create meters of seamless flowing pattern. The linen is then heat cured before we begin the process of hand crafting and sewing the finished object.

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